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The Cathechism Trilogy by Sara M Fogle

Prints are available in 5×7, 8×10, 11×14, and 16×20. All sizes are available on standard or museum quality paper
Size:      Standard Quality:      Museum Quality:

5×7                 $10.00                       $15.00

8×10               $15.00                       $30.00

11×14             $25.00                       $45.00

16×20             $60.00                       $90.00

(The Cathechism series is also available as 4×6 postcards (set of 10) for $20.00, or as greeting cards (set of 10) for $23.00. Additionally, “Cathechism: I Know Whom I Believed” is available as a jigsaw puzzle from The Very Good Puzzle Company)

If you would like to order a print of Sara’s work, please email her at machen.sara@gmail.com with the subject line “Order Prints”. Please include the name of the print, the size you would like, and the type of paper you would like the print on.

Please note: Prints are made as orders are placed, so please allow additional processing time

Available artwork:

Cathechism: The Son of Man

Cathecism: The Son of Man by Sara M. Fogle

Cathechism: I Know Whom I Believed

Cathechism: I Know Whom I Believed by Sara M. Fogle

Cathechism: Prophet of the Most High

Cathechism: Prophet of the Most High by Sara M. Fogle

Nine Lives: Lilith (collaboration with Darya Kalantari)

Nine Lives: Lilith by Sara M Fogle and Darya Kalantari

Nine Lives: Deborah (collaboration with Darya Kalantari)

Nine Lives - Deborah by Sara M Fogle and Darya Kalantari

The Baron

The Baron by Sara M Fogle

Diddy Dragon

Diddy Dragon by Sara M Fogle

Don’t Flatter Yourself

Don't Flatter Yourself by Sara M Fogle


Puggerfly by Sara M Fogle

The Bard’s Song

The Bard's Song by Sara M Fogle

Electric Chicocorn

Electric Chicocorn by Sara M Fogle

No Master

No Master by Sara M Fogle


Family by Sara M Fogle


Midnight by Sara M Fogle


Snacks by Sara M Fogle

Far Out

Far Out by Sara M Fogle


Social Distancing Tiger by Sara M Fogle


Flames by Sara M Fogle

Tribal Roses

Tribal Roses by Sara M Fogle